Green Chair Camp Fundraiser

Date of Event: 5/2/2020

Event Description:
We are building and want to obtain sponsors for 20 chairs that would ultimately remain at camp and up to 25 more chairs that people can buy for their own use. Our plan is to make 45 chairs and to raise $10,000. The funds raised will go to Camp Operations. For all of the details, go to

Select the number of attendees your registering for each event

X$300.00 Donate a Green Chair to Camp - Only 20 Available
X$300.00 Purchase a Green Chair - Only 25 Available
X$0.00 I would like to donate above the $300 - put TOTAL in partial payment
X$0.00 I would like to donate to this project without purchasing a chair - put TOTAL in partial payment

*Partial Payment
* Please Note, if you are making payments for an event, you are responsible for paying the full balance by the registration deadline. Late fees will go into effect for any registration not paid in full by the deadline.


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