Discovering the Spiritual Gifts Has God Given Me

The following is a spiritual gifts inventory. It is one place to start your discovery of what your spiritual gifts are. It is important to remember that this is a diagnostic inventory only—its purpose is to help you uncover some of your "grace gifts." It does not seek to rank the gifts (keep in mind all gifts are given by God and are important to the "body of Christ") and it is not the only tool available as you consider your gifts. It can, however, offer you a starting point for your discovery and, along with prayer, self-reflection, and the information you will receive from other sections of this handout, help reveal to you some of your areas of "giftedness."

Please consider your answers thoughtfully, but do not overanalyze the question.

Your first response to the question is often your most honest. Do not feel by answering "seldom" or "not at all" that you are indicating a weakness in your spiritual life; remember, it is the intention of God that we all have different areas of giftedness, making us all necessary to the completion of the "body of Christ."

Using the the dropdowns below choose the most appropriate answer for each numbered statement. When done, click the "Calculate" button and your answers will be calculated. The tally will indicate for you which spiritual gifts are, or have been in the past, your strongest.

1. I make a point of interacting with people of other cultures and ethnic backgrounds.
2. I see destructive patterns in people’s lives and help them find healthier ways of living.
3. I like to organize people, tasks, and events.
4. I listen as other people tell me about their religious experiences and spiritual journeys.
5. People seek me out and ask me to pray with them.
6. I can explain in simple ways, complex ideas about God and how to live as a disciple.
7. When others are convinced that hope is lost, I remind them of God’s Faithfulness and power.
8. I enjoy challenging people’s perspective of God by using various forms of art (music, drama, dance, painting, etc.)
9. I carefully get all the information I need before moving into action.
10. I have been able to learn foreign languages easily.
11. I can identify and share deep truths with others about their problems.
12. When I see a need, I spring to action and do something about it.
13. I am materially blessed, and I give what I can to others freely.
14. Being in charge doesn’t mean I have to control everything.
15. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them feel welcome.
16. I can sit and simply listen to someone who needs a listening ear.
17. I do the best I can and leave the rest in God’s hands.
18. I speak up and challenge others when I don’t believe they are telling the whole truth.
19. God’s powerful deeds have been accomplished through me in ways that are beyond the ordinary.
20. I look for opportunities to bring hope and God’s comfort to those who are sick.
21. I have spoken in verbal utterances that praise God but are not understandable by human ears.
22. I feel urges to pray for others to be empowered for effective ministry.
23. My circle of friends looks like a meeting of the United Nations.
24. I am energized when I speak about what needs to be changed in church and other arenas.
25. I am careful, thorough, and skilled at managing details.
26. I look for opportunities to talk with people about the love and grace of Jesus Christ.
27. I find myself listening to people’s spiritual struggles and offering guidance.
28. When I am a student in a class or a teacher of a class, other participants are energized and motivated to learn.
29. When someone is discouraged, I speak words that are appropriate to his or her needs.
30. I help people understand themselves, their relationships, and God through artistic practice.
31. I am able to grasp deep truths about God and make sense of them.
32. I can hear verbal sounds not understood by others and understand what is meant.
33. I am able to use my knowledge in complex situations, weighing the pro’s and con’s, and determining the best course of action.
34. I don’t mind lending a hand and doing the small jobs that are often overlooked.
35. I give more than 10% of my income to my church and other charitable organizations that address the needs of my community.
36. I am good at guiding a group of people so that they can complete projects successfully.
37. I enjoy entertaining people and opening up my home to others.
38. When I see someone in need, I stop what I am doing to offer to help.
39. When I believe that something is of God, I act boldly on that belief.
40. My friends often ask me to help sort out what is right and what is wrong.
41. God has mysteriously intervened in extraordinary ways in my presence.
42. I am able to counsel others to help restore them to mental and spiritual health.
43. I have spoken in a language I am not normally able to speak.
44. When I hear requests for prayers, I eagerly and immediately begin to pray.
45. I would love to worship in a church with a wide diversity of people.
46. I can see change coming and am not afraid to help people prepare for it.
47. I can clarify goals and develop strategies or plans to accomplish them.
48. I share the good news of Jesus with non-believers in ways that meet their needs.
49. I am called upon for guidance when someone needs help making difficult decisions.
50. My teaching has equipped people to live their faith more fully.
51. I make a point to affirm those whose abilities I admire.
52. I am creative and imaginative.
53. I find deep satisfaction in learning about complex spiritual concepts.
54. When someone speaks in tongues, I can understand what is being said.
55. I don’t panic in difficult situations, but weigh all the circumstances to find a solution.
56. I’d rather stay in the background working than be out front speaking or teaching.
57. I am eager to offer as much money and resources as I can to further God’s work.
58. I figure out where we need to go and help others to get there.
59. I can make people feel at ease, even in unfamiliar surroundings.
60. I walk gently with people who are grieving and can walk with them in their process of healing.
61. I live the best I can each day, one day at a time, not worrying about what might happen tomorrow.
62. I can "see through" people and circumstances and know what is real and what is not.
63. I have seen miracles—acts contrary to natural law—occur.
64. I am able to help, comfort, and counsel when people are deeply troubled.
65. I have had the experience of "speaking in tongues."
66. I have a special sense of "knowing" when others need my prayers, and at times, are moved to pray for others, even though I may not know them, or to pray for conditions about which I know very little or nothing at the time.

Creative Communication0
Intercessory Prayer0
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Take a moment to reflect on what you discovered about your spiritual gifts. Were your strengths what you expected? Were there any surprises? Do you have any concerns about what the assessment revealed?